196 Walsall Squadron

196 History

The Squadron was first formed at Bath Street School in 1938. A newspaper ad in the Walsall Observer was posted by Mr. George Wallace, asking young men interested in aviation to meet at Bath Street School. The aim was to form a unit of the Air Defense Cadet Corps (later to be renamed the ATC).

A short while after other units were developed, Walsall was combined with Bloxwich (1170 Squadron) and Darlaston (240 Squadron) to form the Walsall Wing and a building was purchased in Bradford Street where cadets of all three squadrons could meet. It was here that the “Falcons” were formed.

The squadron then left Bath Street School and moved to Blue Coat School in Springhill Road, Walsall, (where we had the air frame of a Hawker Fury in the playground for instructing cadets on aircraft construction). The squadron then moved to wooden huts in Derby Street; the squadron remained there until the huts were burnt to the ground. The squadron then  moved to the old Bloxwich T.A. Centre, where we remain today. On July 10th, 1990, we had a new brick building constructed.

In February 1942, with Air Defence Cadet Corps now numbering over two thousand, the Ministry of Defence renamed us the ATC; the Air Training Corps.

Since then the number of cadets has rocketed to a numerous amount, which means more squadrons have been opened allowing even more cadets to join the Air Training Corps.

The current 196 Walsall Squadron (Stokes Street) was opened on the July 10th, 1990.

196 (Walsall) Squadron